Starting a list of audiobooks I've listened to in 2011:

Carries Jones,    Captivate and Need   (fantasy, YA, )
            ?                 Blackman's Coffin      (mystery, liked the narrator)    
James Patterson    School's Out           (fantasy, YA)     
                                   Saving the World...   
                                   Final Warning         

Patricia Briggs        Silver Borne               (werewolves                                            
Daniel Hecht           Land of Echoes        So so mystery, not too original
Stephanie Rowe    If the Shoe Fits          20 something entrepeneur; fun
Margaret Atwood   The Year of the Flood
Michelle Pavell       Wolf Brother             (juvenile)

Post to LiveJournal bookmarklet

Post to LiveJournal  bookmarklet

 Just for the heck of it, I clicked on someone's comment on Giselle's livejournal entry.  Took me to Sherwood Smith's site and I remembered that Giselle knew her from a workshop or something.  Anyway, this was the most interesting site I've happened onto since I signed up for Twitter and livejournal.  People actually discussing things I find interesting (not generally the case--most people seem to  blather about the most trivial, boring things).  I signed up for twitter basically to be able to connect with Giselle on a more casual day-to-day level.  I signed up for livejournal because I saw it as a way to talk to myself  without committing to a 'real' journal which I don't have time for.  And again, I thought it would be nice for Giselle to be able to see what I'm thinking about since I can visit her journal.

Also, I have lost almost every poem I've written in the last ten years to the dying computer syndrome (that is, when its not the written on the back of an envelope, stuck in a book as a bookmark and forgotten syndrome).  This is basically a problem with me not with computers or envelopes for bookmarks.  I just haven't taken writing seriously since the Degas essay.  But anything I write here appears to be stored in some great
otherplace where hopefully it doesn't disappear into the ether.


Painting Undercoats
I've finished 3-4 layers of undercoats on the first palette knife painting.  Now--damn!--I'm feeling too attached to it!  I go out, sit down to work, and end up just touching the surface with my hand.  Feeling reluctant to start working on an image because the undercoats are too lovely.  So I've started on one of the bigger canvases
(30 x 48).  Yesterday, I went and bought two more palette knives.  One must be about six inches long, straight on one side, angled on the other.  Actually, R. lent me the money because L. and I are so broke right now.  I just love new tools.  This will be more challenging since the canvas is larger; the task of covering it with the new technique is pretty daunting, but I'll have plenty of room to play and experiment.

Re: Justice post

From the Dalai Lama twitter page:

"If we want to help humanity in a practical way, we must begin by setting an example of mutual respect, harmony and cooperation."


I love it when the life we create from within us, as Giselle has done with the characters in her book,  connects in subtle and meaningful ways with our 'outside' lives.  In this case, with that part of life that we have no control over at all, that part that is fated or preordained.  (Grandpa Scally having been named long before she was born.)  Personally, I am a great believer in the relationship between narrative and meaning, that is, I think that we create the meaning of our lives through the stories we tell ourselves.  If you suffer a lot, for example, you can see yourself as a victim, weak and powerless, or you can see yourself as a survivor who perseveres despite adversity.  I don't mean to suggest that people should just rewrite their stories in order to be happier. The story has to feel true.  Only a story that feels true has meaning. As human beings, we may be driven by a desire for meaning, but we  crave both simplicity and complexity at the same time.  That's the way our brains work, on several levels simultaneously.  So I think that meaning has to be experienced to feel true, and this demands a 'story'  that engages us on several levels-- sensory, emotional, intellectual-- to create a vividness and depth and cohesion that seems to connect both the different parts of ourselves and perhaps ourselves to the larger world.

(Where did I just read that people want to be in a narrative, want to see their lives as a story?) 

Note to self
Note to self:  Wanted to go back and look at these later:  Political commentators on twitter:!/Wylieknowords!/Blackjedi

inspiration for R

I thought Ramona might find this interesting in relationship to the newest piece she's going to be designing for Be Sweet.

painting undercoat
I've been working on painting with a palette knife to create a very smooth surface.  Not the way most artists I know use a palette knife, but it seems logical to me.  I really really really don't want any canvas texture showing on this one.  That's been hanging me up for awhile.  Well, to be honest, for longer than I care to admit.  I just don't like the surface texture of my last paintings, and it makes me not like them or want to work on them.  So....

So, I'm going to try to master this new approach.  Since I'm learning by doing, and not working with an image yet, I'm finding the process kinda boring.  Time for the old self-discipline, but also time to be kind to myself.
I have to spend at least an hour a day on this technique, every day, but I don't have to work longer than that if I'm feeling squirrely. 

public radio

I saw that Congress is discussing cutting funds to public radio.  Interesting perspective here:


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